GCcollab Terms and Conditions of Use


Welcome to GCcollab!

GCcollab is a the Government of Canada’s collaborative tool designed to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between public servants, academics and students of select Canadian universities.

GCcollab is jointly administered by the Chief Information Officer Branch and the Corporate Services Sector of the Treasury Board of Canada on behalf of the Public Service of Canada. GCcollab is a pilot project created to determine the benefits and risks to hosting a collaborative tool between Canada’s academic sector and federal government.


Interacting on the GCcollab

GCcollab is your professional collaboration platform, connecting you to the people and information across the Government of Canada and participating Canadian universities and colleges.

Please be respectful and make sure your content is professional and relevant to the subject matter where it is posted. Communication on GCcollab should be the same as they would be in a business meeting or professional email.

If you are a public servant, remember that you are responsible to conduct yourself in accordance with the the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector at all times.  If you are looking for examples or further information, please refer to The Policy on Acceptable Network and Device Use (PANDU), which provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable use of the tools.

If you are student or academic from a participating university or college, you are expected to adhere to the policy or code of conduct administered by your organization.

All participants are asked to behave in a respectful manner and only post appropriate content. If you believe you are experiencing an inappropriate interaction with a colleague or would like go flag inappropriate content, you are strongly encouraged to contact us. The GCcollab Team reserves the right to remove any content it deems inappropriate and/or ban participation of any registered users.


Effectively Managing Your Content

GCcollab best meets its objectives when it is open and users add valuable content for the free use and re-use of all other users.

All content on GCcollab is subject to disclosure under the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act. 

Note that GCcollab can be accessed by members of the public pursuant to an Access to Information request, by the Members of Parliament, the Senate and their staff in both the Government and Opposition, and that non-Government of Canada users may be invited to access GCcollab in the future.

Public Servants, if you are not comfortable sharing specific content, then GCcollab may not be the best choice for your project. If this is the case, you are welcome to contact the GCcollab Team to help you determine appropriateness of your project/materials for GCcollab. Also remember that when you share an opinion, it is your opinion and not that of the Government of Canada.

All information stored on the GCTools is considered transitory.  As such, any information of business value that you share on GCcollab must also be saved in a corporate repository and managed according to your organizational information management and other appropriate policies.


Respecting Canada’s Official Languages

We respect the Official Languages Act and are committed to providing all functionalities of GCcollab in both official languages.

When posting content, you should consider your role within your organization, your work responsibilities and your intended audience. We recommend that content be provided in both official languages as a best practice.


Requirements of the Communications Policy and the Copyright Act

Any information that you post is subject to the Communications Policy, the Federal Identify Program (FIP) Policy, and the Copyright Act.


Our Commitment to Accessibility

We are committed to achieving a high standard of accessibility as defined in the Standard on Web Accessibility and the Standard on Optimizing Web sites and Applications for Mobile Devices. Users are encouraged to make their content as accessible as possible.


Your Privacy and GCcollab

We are committed to respecting your privacy in our provision of GCcollab. Our collection of personal information is governed by the Privacy Act.

We are in the process of conducting the Privacy Impact Assessment (to be published), that will inform you of potential privacy impacts of using GCcollab.


Privacy and Analytics

In administering GCcollab, we use web-analytics programs such as Google Analytics, and Apache to perform collection, analysis, measurement, and reporting of data about GCcollab traffic and visits for purposes of understanding and optimizing the use of the tool. Additionally, anonymized and/or aggregate data from GCcollab will be made openly published on the Government of Canada’s Open Data platform. For more information on how your privacy is safeguarded in relation to web analytics, see the Standard on Privacy and Web Analytics.


Protecting the Security of GCcollab

We routinely monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. We track network traffic information e.g. the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer, the date and time of visits, and the pages visited. We make no attempt to link the information with the identity of individuals unless an attempt to damage the site has been detected.


Your GCcollab Team and Help Centre

Finally, GCcollab is your digital workspace and we hope you take as much pride in it as we do. The GCcollab Team is here to support you! If you have general questions or have technical issues, please contact the GCcollab Help Desk